Larger fish later on?

Though morning momentum has been key for filling a limit, the afternoon bite has not been too bad for finding a 3-pound plus fish. Yesterday, with 51 anglers over 20 fish over 3 pounds were put in the livewell after 10:30 a.m.

Notably, Jacob Wheeler caught his two largest fish after noon yesterday.

Today, Wheeler has recently gone on a flurry after Bassmaster LIVE took its mid-morning hiatus. He's checked in with six over 3 pounds in the last 30 minutes, the early morning bite was not on for Wheeler, but now he's estimated by BASSTrakk at 18-8, taking the unofficial lead from Jesse Wiggins.

With the late morning and afternoon catches registering larger than most early morning feeders, we could see Wheeler take command, if BASSTrakk's estimates are correct.

Tune in with Zona and Sanders on Bassmaster LIVE at 11:30 to see what may have changed over the break.