Lane's time to shine?

Chris Lane was eerily consistent on Day 1 and 2 when he weighed 23-14 and 23-15. He did so on two completely different weather days.

Yesterday changed once again as the weather was slick calm almost all day long. He caught 21-3 yesterday with his early limit coming on a topwater walking bait. After a big lull mid-day he boated his Day 3 giant on a whopper plopper. He culled up a few more times on it later in the day.

This morning the Zara Spook boated some early fish for him and he alternated a whopper plopper in between casts it seemed. His shad spawn has slowed, but he is running and gunning to nearby spots looking to extend his bite.

His 12-pound limit has him on top of the leaderboard at the moment while other anglers are looking for their first keepers of the day.