Lane putting on a show

Chris Lane has lit up in the last 30 minutes. He caught his third fish just after we arrived. Then he had to lift No. 4 over a dock cable. The capper - a 4-pounder - elicited a trademark “Pow!” scream from Lane. It blew up on his topwater bait on the other side of a laydown. Lane had to yank the fish out of the brush, then play it a little more carefully back to the boat, hence the “Pow!”

Lane just had a bass following his lure that took his breath away. But it wouldn’t commit. He turned around and said, “That was ol’ big.”

Lane is ahead of the pace he set Friday when he sacked 18-5. He only caught 6 fish, and most of his weight came after 11:30.

“If I could have landed the 6-pounder I lost, I would have had 22 pounds,” said Lane, whose 18-5 bag included a 2-pounder.