Lake Travis forecast

The overall forecast looks to be a pretty decent one out at Lake Travis for the 2018 Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest Benefitting Texas Parks And Wildlife Department if you do not mind the hot temperatures in South Central Texas. The above image is for the closest reporting station just a couple of miles away from Lake Travis, which is showing the daytime highs and overnight lows for the area.

At this point, Thursday will be the hottest of the 4 days on Lake Travis as there will be plenty of sunshine and very few clouds out there to help with any shade relief. Not much wind to help out either as we're only expecting winds out of the south-southeast at 2-8 MPH. The temperature at launch will be around 70 degrees, while the daytime high will be close to 95 degrees. The good news is that the dewpoint levels will be in the lower 60s, so the heat index will equal the actual temperature.

Friday will be much of the same with hot and dry conditions, but a little stronger wind and a few more clouds will bring just a little more relief to the anglers. Skies will start off partly cloudy at the start of the day with the temperature in the upper 60s, but some of those clouds will dissipate a little leaving us with mostly clear skies by the afternoon. The afternoon high will be in the lower 90s... still hot, but winds out of the south at 5-15 MPH will be able to bring a little cooling to the anglers. Dewpoints will only be a couple of degrees higher than Thursday, so the heat index will run about 1 degree higher than the actual temperature.

Saturday will be nearly a duplicate of what Friday's forecast shows... more hot temperatures and starting to feel a little humid underneath mostly clear skies. There will be a few more clouds at the start of the day with the temperature in the lower 70s, but as those skies begin to clear out some, the temperature will reach the lower 90s once again. The southerly wind will be a little stronger averaging 10-15 MPH, with gusts up to 20 MPH possible. Dewpoints will be a few degrees higher, in the mid to upper 60s, making the heat index values run about 2-3 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.