A KVD type of day

KVD is having a KVD type of day while those of us in the photog boat are having the complete opposite.

Currently BASSTrakk shows him with 17 pounds and change. That's a good day.

Of those the photog boat has yet to be around to see a single one, including the 6 to 7-pounder caught early.

At that time he had three fish in his well for 12-4, which seems right if you have a giant. Then he moved. The big waves ate us up and we lost him but on his next stop he caught a 3 and a 2, according to the cameraman in the boat with him. That makes 17-4.

Then he moved. We were able to stay with him this time. On his first four casts he hooked up. He lost three of those but caught a 4-pounder, the first fish that has been photographed by this crew all morning.

If he threw back the 2-pounder that gives him 19-4, and could possibly be enough. But you wouldn't be able to convince many of that.

He still has a lot of day left and some 3-pound class fish to bump out of the well.

Hopefully we will be there for those. Either way KVD isn't leaving the door open for one of these other guys to waltz through.

And now he's hooked up again. He just boated a 4-pound plus smallmouth, bumping a 3-pounder. That should put him well over the 20 pound mark and we may be seeing that door starting to close tightly.