Kudos to spectators

So far, so good.

I'm in a position to do what I set out to do — win my fourth Bassmaster Classic.

But I still have a lot of work to do before that can happen.

As you read this, I'm out there on the Delta trying to grind it out. My lead is hardly a comfortable one on this fishery. Any one of the top guys could pop a huge bag and win, so I won't relax until we settle up on the scales at the New Orleans Arena.

Believe me, the big ones live here, especially in the area I'm fishing. I don't have that area to myself. There are several good fishermen working this huge spawning flat where big fish are historically caught.

All I can worry about is what KVD can do. That's always been my deal — I control the variables I can control and don't worry about the other factors I can't control.

One of those uncontrollable variables is on-the-water spectators. I have to tell you — I was concerned about what impact they might have on our fishing this week. Louisiana anglers love to fish, and there's nothing I can do or would do to prevent them from coming in and fishing where we are.

But I've been amazed — these have been the most gracious spectators I've experienced in all of the years of fishing Classics.

It's their water, yet they are giving us the room we need and letting us "borrow it" during this Classic. You have no idea what that means to all of us.

All we can ask of them is to give us a chance to win, and they've been doing just that. The fans here seem to know what this means to us and their respect for what we're trying to do has been stunning.

The conditions here have allowed me to fish my strengths. I've been mixing it up with a spinnerbait and a crankbait around the shallow stumps and grass. The bass are trying to spawn in that area and are very edgy. A lot of boat traffic from spectators would mess that up. But these people are staying back, anchoring and watching through binoculars.

The fact I can fish my style comfortably adds to my confidence. I've always said it's about the attitude, and you can accomplish a lot by thinking positive.

That's how I roll. And this week, I've been on a good roll.

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