Kansas State

Kyle Alsop and Taylor Bivens of Kansas State started the final day in 3rd place, just three ounces behind Hunter Louden for 2nd place.

Alsop and Bivens caught 13-15 and 11-1 respectively and both days they failed to catch a limit. Their Day 1 bag consisted of 4 fish, one being a 6-13 beast that is the Carhartt Big Bass for the tournament so far. Yesterday they only caught three fish (2 three pounders and a five).

If Alsop and Bivens can land five fish today, the size could be enough to keep them in the bracket cut and possibly a National Championship.

Alsop has relied on a Carolina Rig with an enormous 5 1/2 foot leader with some sort of brush hog type creature bait. Bivens has opted for a shakey head with a straight tail worm, which he is throwing on a baitcaster.

Moments ago some fish came up schooling, but they couldn't connect with any bites and they were sure if those were bass at all. They still don't have a fish so far, but it looks as if the sun is burning off the early clouds and it could be a bright day. They would love that because they caught them in sunny skies and hot temperatures in practice.