Just like home for Feider

Seith Feider described Cayuga as “just a long and skinnier Lake Minnetonka,” which is his home lake back home in Minnesota.

“In August it sets up just like Minnetonka with the grass and all.”

Feider is playing his strengths by flipping and pitching jigs and Texas-rigged plastics along grass lines.

After weighing 21-8 he said this when interviewed.

“I just hope that I didn’t lay off of them too bad,” he said. “A friend of mine (Jeff Gustafson) caught 23 pounds and I didn’t find out until he weighted in.”

He continued, “If I have to do more tomorrow (Friday), I will and can.”

That wasn’t a brash comment. Feider said he’s got around 40 spots. Reason for the abundance of fishing locations is that Feider did his homework on Cayuga.

“I pretty much mapped the whole lake,” he said. “Everything that’s underneath the grass I know where it is.”

Feider has a two-part game plan. He starts the day on the upper end of the lake, where the grass is most abundant.

“It’s loaded with 3 1/2 pounders, and I will probably need those at some point in the tournament.”

After filling his limit, Feider moves to the main lake to “lean on” the bigger bass that produced his best weight. Bites are more prolific in the denser grass, and fewer—but of better quality—in the main lake. In both areas, his fish are relating to grass,