Jocumsen turns it on

Yesterday at the weigh-in Carl Jocumsen told me that he would have a tough to decision to make about today.

“I’ve got to decide whether or not I want to go to the bank, early and when it’s windy, or go see if they are firing out deep.”

By the looks of BASSTrakk the deep bite is indeed firing. The scoreboard shows him with two keepers in the livewell, both caught within six minutes apart and weighing 3-0 and 4-0. That has him in the lead.

Offshore experience led Jocumsen to fishing a jig on the bottom.

“When it’s cloudy the fish like the jig on the bottom,” he said. “They will be looking down, as opposed to sunny conditions when they will be looking up and seeing the shadows of the baitfish.”

The good news for Jocumsen is he is getting plenty of sun and wind. He determined the wind repositioned the fish.

With that pattern in place, he went looking to expand his pattern, searching to duplicate the strategy elsewhere.

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