Jaye fishing on his terms

Kelley Jaye knew it would happen, and it did.

Last year, he finished 11th on a jerkbait pattern, which is basically Jaye's middle name, should he be named after a lure.

"Last year, there were just two of us in here, now there are a dozen."

No surprise there. Jaye told me yesterday he was going to stay with the jerkbait pattern until it died. And when it did, he would move shallow and go flipping and pitching. So far Jaye hasn't done that, but he anticipates he will as the water warms up and the fish go shallower.

"Those fish have two choices, and those are to go to the bank or come out deep where I am," he said. "Last year, I caught 20 pounds flipping, so I can go either way basically in the same spot."

Jaye went on to say that he will be flexible, knowing the water will get warmer and there are benefits of staying in the area based on the full moon. It's the kind of area when he can wait on the come. which is a good place to be in this tournament.