It's Strike King time!

This weekend I'll be at the Strike King media event in Tennessee. We — pro staff, writers and company officials — all get together for a few days for interviews, photos, film and whatever else comes to mind. We hold it at Blue Bank Resort on Reelfoot Lake. The facilities are great and the hospitality and food are even better than that.

It's one of the year's highlights for me. I love to spend time with the other pros in a noncompetitive environment. We can relax and have a good time. There's no worry about who's catching more weight and in a position to win the tournament. We talk shop, exchange ideas and spend some time at the swimming pool. But we're not the ones swimming.

We work on prototypes at the pool trying to determine what they'll do, what they won't do, what's right about them and what needs improvement. Of course, with several pros around you can imagine that these sessions quickly turn into friendly competition. Each one of us wants to outdo the other.

I'm not allowed to talk about some of what we'll be testing, but I can tell you it'll include plastics and hard baits. I can also tell you they'll be the best on the market, bar none, when they're ready to go.

At the same time, we have an opportunity for extended conversation with a group of writers. This is where these guys get many of their story ideas. It gives us a chance to let you in on the latest tricks and techniques from the professional circuits.

The importance of that information can't be overstated. The only way you're going to stay competitive in this sport is to know what's working and what isn't. Over the next few months you'll see articles — as well as video — on that originated at this conference. Pay attention to it. It'll be the real deal.

We'll also get to see the new baits that are ready for immediate release to the public. There are several new designs and a ton of new colors coming out in my Perfect Plastic line, as well as several new hard baits.

The one I'm really excited about, though, is our Pro-Model Series 6 XD. That's the deep diving crankbait I used on Kentucky Lake. It wanders left and right as it travels along. It's a great imitation of a baitfish searching for something to eat. It's going to revolutionize deep cranking.

Along with the 6 XD, we'll be showing off our new Sexy Dawg. It's a jointed topwater with an action that's hard to believe until you see it in action. This one is bad to the bone.

Stay tuned for more information about Strike King's new baits and new ways to fish the old ones.

And remember, it's all about the attitude.

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