It's go time

After a fog delay of nearly 2 hours, 30 minutes, it's go time.

Unlike any other fog delay that could occur during the season, this one has more significance. It's at the end of the season when every cast counts for the guys on the bubble of the Classic cutoff line. And the same applies for guys just needing to maintain their position in the point standings. Lost fishing time matters. A lot.

What else is notable is that just catching a limit is the only goal of the week. Normally, a guy would set his expectations for success on a projected weight he wants to catch. Now, that number is 5, as in a 5-bass limit.

Another thing to watch is how far guys will run, now that fishing time is cut short. I've got to think that guys like Matt Arey and Brad Whatley have already decided if they will make the long run up the Hiwassee River with less fishing time in play.

And finally, while the fog lifted elsewhere, it was very much unsafe for the takeoff. Fishing pressure from weekend anglers and the big tournament coming up will put the pressure on the fishing areas in play, such as the community holes.

As a former B.A.S.S. assistant tournament director, like Lisa Talmadge, we were instilled early on that there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to making a decision about a fog delay. Safety first, always, for our anglers and media teams, fishing second. Good job, Lisa.