It’s never over at Toledo Bend

Toledo Bend is one lake where a Top 12 finalist could make up a huge deficit on Sunday. For instance, Keith Combs started the day in sixth place, a whopping 17 pounds (16-14, to be exact) behind leader Kevin VanDam.

But he’s already caught a 6-pounder this morning, and who knows what else is in store for Combs. Big things can happen fast on Toledo Bend.

“I had a couple of fish on that I would really liked to have seen today,” Combs said at Saturday’s weigh-in. “I pulled up on a spot that I hadn’t fished in probably three years. I hooked a big one immediately. I mean like real, real big. I reeled three or four times and it came off.

“I fired out there again and hooked up again. It’s just heavy, and it pulls off. I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I fired back again and caught one that was almost seven pounds.

“That little flurry right there could have been eight-pounders. Who knows, maybe I can catch 30 pounds tomorrow and make a run at it.”

Thirty pounds isn’t the upper limit of possibilities at Toledo Bend.

“You can catch 40 (pounds) here,” Combs said.

Oh, yes, you can. It was a week ago Friday that a local father and son caught five bass that weighed a total of 42.97 pounds, as verified on certified scales. No, it wasn’t in a tournament situation, but it illustrates what’s possible on Toledo Bend today.

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