Ike's married!

Pete Gluszek here. Becky and Ike are on their honeymoon, so I'm going to fill in for him this week and tell you all about the wedding.

They were married the Saturday before last. It was a great ceremony. I think there were about seven of us in it. Ish Monroe and I were the only anglers there. Everyone else was an old friend of his from high school, I think.

On Friday we were all together when Ike surprised us by asking our shoe size. We couldn't figure out what that was about. We found out quick enough. On Saturday morning he presented us with a set of waders, a spinning rod and reel, line and a fully stocked tacklebox. We quickly realized it was a gift that was meant to be used when he announced we were all going up the river to go trout fishing.

Did we ever have a ball. We laughed, fell into the water and played jokes on each other. One or two of the guys might have caught a fish, but I can't be sure about that. It's a subject of some dispute. I don't want in the middle of it.

Regardless, the wedding was beautiful. It was held at an old, restored mill in Richmond, Va., where Becky's from. About a hundred people attended. The reception was in the same place immediately after the ceremony. Do I need to tell you that Ike did a little break dancing before everything was over?

And how about Becky! What a beautiful bride. She's naturally pretty — inside and outside — so all the wedding stuff made her look even better. She's just right for him, too. She's got the right amount of wifely support to encourage him, and the right amount of wifely supervision to keep him on the straight and narrow.

Ike's a lucky man, that's for sure.

After all the doings they headed to Fiji for their honeymoon. On their way back they're going to stop in Las Vegas for a couple of days. They'll probably be there when you read this. I'm not sure, but I suspect they went there to revisit the place where they met. A lot of people don't know it, but Ike's got a soft and sentimental side. He'd plan something like that in a heartbeat.

Well, that's the story. Next week Ike will be back. I'm sure he'll give you his perspective on everything.