Hunting the elusive hundred

Hockey has its Hat Trick; basketball, the triple double. In NFL history, only the ’72 Dolphins have claimed a perfect season.

How ‘bout bass fishing?

Noting Chris Johnston’s red-hot morning rally, during which he caught three of the morning’s top four fish (5-pounds, 4-12 and 4-6) by 8:30, Bassmaster LIVE host Tommy laid out an interesting premise.

“One of the most elusive creatures in bass fishing is the 100-pound (4-day total) of smallmouth bass,” Sanders said.

Analyzing the morning’s numbers, Sanders noted that, with 43-10, Johnston was less than 7 pounds from a two-day mark of 50.

Johnston, who placed second on Day 1, still has plenty of time and with his four fish from this morning weighing 16-10 (as of 9 a.m.), he’s clearly heading in the right direction. Finding even a couple of those St. Lawrence studs — or a true tank when he moves into Lake Ontario later, as he did on Day 1 — could position the Canadian standout well for a run at the Century mark.

As Bassmaster LIVE’s Mark Zona noted, today’s calm, sunny complexion presents ideal conditions for the sight-feeding smallmouth. The weekend, however, will be a different picture, as big winds will bring great challenge on the Great Lake.

Experienced pros like Johnston know how to fish rough conditions, but efficiency and time management can quickly dwindle.

For Johnston, or anyone else to have a legitimate shot at reaching 100 pounds of brown, maximizing today’s potential will be absolutely essential.