I've been all over

“I’ve been all over the place!  I’ve got up every single slew I could’ve.  It’s gotten slow.”   Since the sun came out the scramble has begun here in Pool 8.  Anglers are definitely putting the work in moving up and down the pool as quickly as they can.   The common theme here seems to be not burning spots.  Around 11 am the sun really has been prominent, in turn, cueing the slow down.  With time winding down, anglers are pushing for those kicker fish in thicker cover of downed trees or man made structure.

I hope I have enough...

Usually the start of the sentence “I hope I have enough...” means weight to win.   In this case, Casey Reed means battery life.  “I hope I have enough battery to make it back” he says.  Reed explained he has had to let areas reload with all the pressure here in Pool 8.   “I’ve been to the dam and back already.  And I’ll probably have to do it again here.” 
Reed currently sits in 11th place.  
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Rock shores

Pools 7-8-9 give anglers lots of opportunities here in La Crosse.  With heavy rain last night, anglers have been making adjustments throughout the morning. In the Black River, anglers are hanging onto rocky shoreline current breaks and man-made structures such as bridges and marinas.  

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Practice day

Photo by Eric Siddiqi

Hardware on display

A sneak-peak that the hardware that will be presented tomorrow at the Huk B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series at Mississippi River powered by TourneyX presented by Abu Garcia!