How Day 1 leaders have fared

Watching and producing Bassmaster LIVE gives insight into tournament fishing that we've never had before. The trends of anglers up and down the leaderboard daily and hourly shows how easy/hard it can be on the water. Seeing how Chad Pipkens fared in this event after his big Day 1 is interesting. People see his 25th place finish and think it was just a slight drop off over Day 2 and 3, but in reality it could've been much worse. After 6+ hours with no fish he was headed for a missed cut and a 70th place finish or worse. It made me think about the Day 1 leaders from this year and how they fared the rest of those given events. Only two Day 1 leaders this year have made it to the Top 12 with Ray Hanselman Jr. finishing 9th at Lake Travis and Greg Hackney going wire-to-wire to win the Sabine River.

Lake Martin: Cliff Prince (48th)

Grand Lake: Takahiro Omori (27th)

Kentucky Lake: Chris Zaldain (18th)

Lake Travis: Ray Hanselman Jr. (9th)

Sabine River: Greg Hackney (1st)

Mississippi River: Chad Pipkens (25th)

We've seen three different leaders at the Mississippi River this week and we may see a fourth at the Final Day weigh-in. It's a stark contrast from the last event when Greg Hackney dominated his way to a title at the Sabine. Lake Martin featured two leaders the entire event, Grand Lake had three leaders, Kentucky Lake showcased three different leaders, Lake Travis had three and as we know the Sabine had only one.