How are those longer rods coming into play?

After it was announced during the offseason that B.A.S.S. was raising its maximum rod length from 8 feet to 10 feet, I almost half-jokingly asked Mark Davis if he had ordered any 10-foot rods for the new season.

We were fishing on Kentucky Lake at the time and he answered quickly, "Yep, I sure have."

He said he asked his rod sponsor, Lew's, to make him several longer versions to practice with, including a 9-foot drop shot rod. Of all the anglers I talked to about the issue, he was the second-most excited, behind California wild man Skeet Reese.

Now that I see Davis' name at the top of BASSTrakk with one of the few five-bass limits in the tournament so far this morning, I have to wonder how those rods are coming into play.

Maybe they've been his secret weapon. Maybe he hasn't even picked one up yet.
It'll make for an interesting question this afternoon at weigh-in.

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