The highs and lows of the Delaware

The Delaware River was one of the most challenging bodies of water I have ever fished.  And as you can see by my results, it got the best of me.  But I wasn't alone, as some of the best in the world couldn't crack the code either.  Hats off to those that did.  

Obviously, I knew the river was tidal, but I wasn't prepared for how much that water moves.  All the time!  It seemed to pause momentarily at high tide and then quickly begin to move out.  It was very difficult to me to choose what cover to focus on.  I really wanted to focus on the bridge pilings since those fish wouldn't only have to up and down as opposed to in and out, but the current was so swift in those areas I never felt comfortable in those locations.  What's ironic is the first half day of practice I had a limit and I actually thought this place isn't as as tough as they said it was.  Well, I guess I shouldn't of thought that as it all went downhill from that point on.  I returned to those same areas in the tournament and the tides were different and I never could figure out where those fish went. I caught them in two feet of water at high tide so three hours later that spot is high and dry.  

Those fish on that river never stop moving and that's how it needs to be fished.  Don't stop moving. Isn't that how Iaconelli fished it?  See, I did learn something!

This was my first real experience with tidal water so it was definitely a learning experience that I will use to build on for similar events. One thing that I was surprised by on the Delaware was the amount of interest by the people. Almost every bulkhead I fished I was asked how I was doing and people wishing me the best of luck. They even took some pictures.

Not something you would expect in the middle of a large industrial city, but just goes the sport of fishing has no boundaries. Thanks to each one if them for their interest.  It was a great experience!  Dream it.  Believe it. Live it.

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