Hello from Oregon

Have you ever watched Stihl Timbersports on ESPN? You know ... the lumberjack competition?

Well, my gang has produced that show for 25 years now and I have traveled this weekend to Portland, Ore., to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

One of the things I've always been proud of is the longevity of the TV shows we have produced. Other than SportsCenter, my retired show the Fishin' Hole was the longest running show on ESPN. Timbersports is #3. And Spanish Fly with Jose Wejebe is close behind.

Can Bassmaster top any of those? Well, that's the goal. Quality, honesty and integrity can get us a long way.

I'm overwhelmed at the responses to my first blog post. I want to respond Monday when I get home. My gosh, I didn't know people would actually read this.

Folks, we have a lot of work to do, and I need you.

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