Hartman: Timing is everything

This morning I asked Jamie Hartman about how important timing is for being in the right place, at the right time. Weights are tight and there is no room to slip. So it seemed to me that you cannot miss a chance to be in the best areas when the smallmouth fire.

"Making the right decision at the right time is key," he said. "Yesterday morning was pretty slow across the board."

He continued, "We aren't really sure why it did that but it did turn on. That's how summertime smallmouth fishing works anyway."

"When you get a lot of sunshine and some ripple on the water, the fish start firing up, '' he continued. "I think that was what happened yesterday morning. It was really, really calm and those are the hardest conditions to fish for summertime smallmouth.

Hartman is getting the job done early. BASSTrakk shows 13 pounds, 8 ounces in his livewell. The Carolina Rig is doing the trick.

Hartman is on track to pace his performance on Day 1, when he weighed 22-1. Clearly, he had the advantage by catching quality fish over numbers.