Hartman leading?

If you're looking at BASSTrakk and watching Bassmaster LIVE, you just saw an interesting segment - one that makes you question who is actually leading this tournament right now.

Jacob Wheeler caught a nice smallmouth and put it on his digital scale. It weighed 3.20 pounds, and didn't help him. His smallest is reportedly 3.28 pounds. Then Wheeler said, "I've got 17 1/2 pounds, not 18 1/2."

It within the rules for him to look at BASSTrakk today, and that's where he's listed with 18-8 and a four-day total of 70-2. BASSTrakk shows Jamie Hartman with 17-15 today and a total of 69-15. So he might be leading, if Wheeler has "only" 17-8.

However, if Hartman's most recent cull is an example, he's using a balance beam to cull. Unless he's been using a digital scale at times today, you have to question the accuracy of his 17-15 total.

All that is said simply to make this point: This tournament finale is tight, tight, tight. It will be officially decided who's got exactly what at the Knoxville Convention Center later this afternoon.