Hartman cool and calm

Yesterday I spoke with Jamie Hartman and he was as cool and calm as it gets. I asked him why he was able maintain such composure in his first Bassmaster Elite Series event when he was positioned in third, and he said it was because of practice.

Hartman's practice was a tale of two months as he caught plenty of fish in pre-practice and actually felt he could win the event. With that being said, he arrived and conducted the three days of official practice this week, and he was left scratching his head. He was not on what he would consider the winning fish and had to settle for the little that he had confidence in.

"When you are on fish, that's when you get the butterflies in your stomach because you can't wait to try and load the boat," Hartman said. "But I was in survival mode so I had to stay calm and dialed in on the little area I did have."

The seasoned rookie seems to be finding his groove and is sliding into his comfort zone this week.