Hackney needs a big day

We've finally caught up with Hackney. That would seem like an easy task but not so much today.

We'd hoped to be waiting on him before he started into the maze of Kissimmee grass on the south end of the lake. A lost wheel kept that from happening but after stumbling around in this maze somehow another we ran right into where Hackney started the day. Not sure he has anything yet. BASSTrakk says nothing. It's our guess that won't last long.

In this part of the lake the wind is howling. Much of the grass is leaning and there's a good ripple on the water. That should help I'd think.

What won't help is the ride back. When it gets bumpy in the grass you know it's bumpy on the main lake.

Hackney knows he needs a big day. While the wind takes away the comforts of a ride back, it could be just the buffer to help him.