Hackney lands a 3-pounder

Greg Hackney knows how to hold a bass for a photo, as you can see here. The closer the fish is to the camera, the bigger it looks. This bass was entered in BassTrakk as a 3-pounder. It’s a difference-maker on Neely Henry. The average weight of the 414 bass brought to the scales yesterday was 2.10 pounds.

Hackney finished in 29th place yesterday with a limit weighing 10 pounds, 15 ounces. He’s at the top end of the logjam between 11 pounds (Micah Frazier, 28th place) and 9 pounds (Derek Hudnall and Brandon Palaniuk, 54th place). The field will be cut to the top 48 anglers after today’s weigh-in. Undoubtedly, someone is going to miss the cut by an ounce or a tiebreaker.