Green Bay ain’t Florida

It’s a rare day when I can’t find anything to say. It’s not a part of my makeup. You know, not talking about things. But this place has me speechless.

Green Bay sounded pretty neat when it was announced. I’ve never been here but I’m game for just about anything. If it swims, I’ll try to catch it. That is a part of my makeup. I have to admit, though, that the maps and Google Earth images of Lake Michigan got my attention. They showed lots and lots of open water. I’m not naïve. I knew that wasn’t something I was comfortable with but I thought I could handle it, especially after I did my research. 

Find a spot. Look for the spot on that spot. Catch a bunch of big ones. Take them to the scales. Pose for pictures. Go get something to eat. Organize tackle for the next day. Go to bed. Like I said, doable. And then, I launched yesterday morning.

About all I could find was current, open water, bridges and big buildings. This place is something different. After a full day on the water, I have caught exactly one 3-pound smallmouth bass. She (or he) grabbed a spinnerbait. About all that’ll get me is a butt whipping and the weekend off. I’ve had enough butt whippings in my life; I don’t need anymore. And I’d just as soon work this weekend.

My frustration doesn’t come from a lack of trying. I ran around looking everywhere. I know what it’ll take to win this thing but I’m not sure how to get there. I need to find those open water spots with lots of bass on them with my electronics. From there, I think I can figure out how to make them bite.

I’d like to find some grass, too. That’s something I know how to attack. But I haven’t found any yet. I’m sure there’s some around. I just need to track it down and then work up a game plan. If I can’t find the grass, I’ll find something. I’m sure about that.

On the brighter side, the family’s having a great time. I think I told you they made the trip with me this time. That’s been a real treat. Every motel we’ve stayed in has some sort of waterpark in it. The kids are having a ball and so is the wife. It’s good to know that they’re laughing, carrying on and enjoying the trip.

Life’s about more than catching fish, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves when we aren’t catching them. I’m not catching them so that’s what I’m saying.( I hope you know I’m being sarcastic. Life is about more than catching fish.)

I don’t think that luck plays much of a part in professional bass fishing. It’s a skill sport. That said, just in case I’m wrong and luck does play a big part it’ll be OK if you wish me some. A lot would be even better. Green Bay ain’t Florida.

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