Goodbye, Georgia

“It was an early morning yesterday…”

Dateline: LaGrange, Ga.

I believe that what is important when we come to town,

is not, so much, what we bring,

but what it is,

we leave behind.

We are after all, your guests.

“…I was up before the dawn…”

And what I hope it is, that we leave behind, is a celebration of the water that brought us here.

Your water.

West Point Lake.

The future, for you, for us, lies beyond the pines, beyond the shore, down there at the end of the ramp, is where future starts.

We, you and me, live on a blue rock in space, from afar, we are a waterworld.

Mother Earth, has gills.

“…and I really have enjoyed my stay…”

There isn’t a person amongst us at B.A.S.S. who doesn’t respect and pay homage to Mother Blue.

This planet is mostly water, and so are human beings.  When we are born, just tiny babies, over 75% of our bodies are comprised of water.

When we probe the planets, it is water we are looking for, because where there is water, there could be life.

It is not what we have brought, but what we have left behind, and this is what I hope we have left in our wake,

To those of you who came to cheer on the men who chase dreams one lake at a time...the Elites of B.A.S.S. Thank You.I hope, that out there in the big crowds who have come to watch us,

I hope, we have brought new people to your lake.

And I hope they are small.

And I hope they are tiny.

And I hope they are very young.

Know this, the future of West Point Lake lies not in your hands, not in our hands,

but in the tiny hands that skip rocks from the shore.

“…but I must be moving on..”

Thank you for trusting us to be gentle with your future.

Thank you, LaGrange.

Thank you, Troup County.

Thank ya, Georgia.

I want you to know that when I think, I think in snapshots, not a paragraph kind of guy upstairs there.

Little bursts of life is what bounces around in the gray matter, and the following photographs are what I will take with me, to the next stop,

and far beyond.

“…goodbye, stranger, it's been nice

hope you find your paradise.”

Goodbye Stranger”