The good life continues

I'm sitting at my Signcom desk working estimates for signs and wanting to be out on the water. It's more fun to go fishing than it is to try to figure out a way to bid a price below your competitors and still make a profit. Believe me when I tell you business is no less competitive than fishing.

I don't really have anything to complain about, though. Life's been good lately. I didn't make it to St. Clair like I planned. It's just too far of a drive when Lake Erie is only a little over two hours from my home. I decided to go there instead. It was a great trip despite the windy conditions.

On Saturday, I bass fished. In the morning I boated a ton of smallmouth and would have had a five-fish bag around 22 pounds if I'd been counting. (Have you ever noticed how often "if" comes up in fishing? It's a big word for just two letters.)

In the afternoon I trailered my boat to a different location and targeted largemouth. I caught a lot of them, too, but not the weight I had in the morning with the smallmouth. My best five would have weighed something around 15 pounds, maybe a little more. That's a good sack, but it's not 22 pounds.

Sunday was another story. I fished with a friend for walleye all day. We slayed them. Our freezers are full. They looked so good I almost — note I said almost — want winter to get here so Tracey and I will have time to cook and eat them. There isn't anything better on this planet.

Sunday night I stayed at the lake with my friend on his boat. I say boat, but in reality, it's more of a yacht. Those things are nice, really nice. I could get used to living the way he does. I've been working on my first mate skills in the hopes that he'll think about hiring me. Lord knows I would keep everything clean and shiny, although his boat's a little big for a carwash. I'd have to do it by hand. That's OK, though. I'm willing.

Monday turned into a day off from my real job at the office. I stayed over and fished a few hours before going home for dinner. The bass were biting, although it wasn't anything like Saturday. Those days only come along every so often.

The rest of the week belongs to my sign business, and then it'll be time to head out West and get ready to fish the Fish and Chips event. This year I'm going to work harder on my poker skills. That might be a way for me to pick up a little loose change. We all need some of that.

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