Go, Ott, go!

I’m going to make my prediction for Toyota Trucks All-Star Week: I’m going with Ott Defoe. He’s a great guy -- not that the rest of them aren’t -- but I really like Ott. I got to know him a little this season, and he’s a great person and has a great family. He certainly proved himself on other tours, so he’s not much of a rookie, but he’s shown that he’s not intimidated by the best fishermen in the world. I’m picking him to win, especially now that KVD is out of the way. If Kevin was still in the race, I’d pick him, but now I’m leaning toward Ott.

It should be exciting, but I’ll be watching from Falcon Lake. It’s painful to watch something like All-Star Week go on without me, because I really wanted to be down there; so the closest thing I can do is go somewhere where I can jack a bunch of big fish. I’ll be heading back down to Falcon for sure.

I’ll be headed there with my best friend in the world, Robert Mills. I used to fish team tournaments with Robert back in the day, and it’ll be good to catch up with him down there. We haven’t gotten to spend much time on the water lately with our schedules not matching up, so it’ll be nice to do that. While we’re there, Jimmye Sue and the girls are heading to Dallas to go shopping. That’s how I got my hall pass (I hope it isn’t an expensive one, though).

Here’s a bit of a teaser: I’m planning the ultimate dove hunt right now. It’s really going to be great, and I’ll give you more specifics in the future, but rest assured that it’ll be awesome. Little Alton and I and some other fathers and sons have it all planned out.