Gerald Swindle’s S.O.S

“Another lonely day, with no one here but me…”

Dateline: Brett & Shirley’s Kitchen, Waddington, NY


I was shocked,


I got really PO’ed,


in reality all I could do was,


And I hope all of you will do the same once you read this.

Be shocked.

Be mad.


And then, demand action from your elected officials, demand action from your government because,

here’s why,

and I can’t tell you how sad, mad, hurt it makes me to have to write this next sentence, a sentence I NEVER thought I would have to write,

but believe it or not,


A young man, a soldier fighting for his country, fighting for us, fighting for our freedom was captured by the enemy, the Taliban in Afghanistan,

his name, Bowe Bergdahl.

Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl,

he was captured on June 30th, 2009,

4 years ago,


America’s only POW.

And Gerald Swindle wants you to know about it.  And will show it to you every time he holds up a bass fish on stage.

“…more loneliness than any man could bear…”

“db if they have one of our guys, we should go and get him back.”

Look close at this photo of Gerald showing me a Bass he caught at the Evan Williams Bourbon Showdown @ St. Lawrence River…

…see that small black and yellow band on his right hand…

…that’s the POW bracelet for Sgt. Bergdahl…

…and every time Gerald goes up on stage and holds a bass up for the crowd like he did yesterday in this photo…

…he will be showing the world America’s only POW.

“db,If it was me, I would want my country to come for me.”

“…rescue me before I fall into despair…”

The following DOES NOT reflect the opinion of B.A.S.S., Facebook, or the dude who copied the URL and sent it to you, or some political whacko who copied and pasted it and forwarded it to everyone in his/her address book:

This s**ks.

I can tell you from pretty good personal knowledge that any soldier who read this, whether on active duty, honorably discharged or retired, is starting to fume over reading about a comrade still being held captive for FOUR YEARS.

Google Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s name and you can read all about what’s going on…here’s a pretty good place to start The POWnetwork dot org ( and what you’ll read is that we are NEGOTIATING with the Taliban to get this soldier back home.

As a taxpaying, and griping about it, voting citizen of the United States of America please let me suggest how I would vote to NEGOTIATE with the enemy:

“Knock…Knock…” and then about 3 seconds later one of those drone things we own gives the negotiee a very close permanent haircut.

Again, no one who pays me a dime may agree with this, so don’t be thinking it’s them thinking it, its not, its me.

Back to regular programming…

“I'll send an S.O.S. to the world…”

Gerald found out about Sgt. Bergdahl through a message sent to him, “This guy sends me a message, I’m on vacation on the beach with Le Ann, I read it, and message him back saying I’ll do what I can to get the message out…dude freaks out that I responded but how do you read about something like this and NOT respond.”

Gerald has a bunch of the POW bracelets for Sgt. Bergdahl, and I’m pretty sure that if you ask him for one, he will be happy to give it to you.  I’m going to do just that myself and pledge to wear it until this young man is back on U.S. soil…if you see me and want a bracelet I’ll have a couple in my pocket that I’ll be able to pass out as well.

Last thing Gerald said to me, “this guy was serving his country, serving us so that I’m able to go out here and do what I do, do what you do db, there is no way we can abandon this guy.”

While I was pounding pretty hard on the keys because of anger and googgling around about Sgt. Bergdahl I came across his dad on TV and this is what Mr. Bergdahl began a message to his son saying, “I will not leave you on the battlefield Bowe.”

This, is a direct quote from the United States Army Ranger Creed:

“I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy…”

I could not stand in front of TV cameras and tell the world that I will not leave my child on the battlefield, couldn’t do it, just couldn’t.

I know there are politics involved, but I also know several who wear the RANGER badge, and are good friends with many old, retired “lurps” who I know are chaffing a what is going on with America’s only POW.

Dear Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, someday you will be able to climb in Gerald’s boat and go fishing with him, Gerald and I promise that, but if somehow you get to read this, please know that, no man is left behind, and son, that includes you.

America cares about you, the fishing community cares about you, and that every time Gerald Swindle takes to the stage, and holds a bass up high, America will see your name, and know your plight.

Love wins, Sgt. Bergdahl, not hatred, and we will come for you, thousand of soldiers in this country would volunteer to come get you, your comrades will not leave you.

To the politicos…what are you thinking…4 years held captive…be ashamed of yourself.

And to those holding Sgt. Bergdahl,



“…I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.”

Message in a Bottle

The Police