Garrett running and gunning

John Garrett, the 2016 Carhartt College Series Classic Bracket champion has held his own at the Opens level all year with just a few bumps in the road. In his six Opens he has notched two Top 12's, two events barely below the Top 40 money cut, and two iffy events, one of which was because of mechanical issues.

Just a few weeks ago he was battling with college teammate Brian Pahl as they tried to win a National Championship. They followed up their second place in 2016 with a fourth this year. They joined good company as teammates to make the Classic Bracket two years in a row.

He was unfortunately eliminated in the first round by a narrow margin and couldn't repeat as the College Series representative, but he still has three Opens, including this week, in hopes of making the GEICO Bassmaster Classic. He had one fish in the boat early and was running and gunning hoping to cover enough water to run across five keepers.