Funny how things are so similar at times

Case in point: My 18-year old daughter called this morning from Ocala, Florida. She's at a Golden Corral buffet, and she's wondering aloud to me whether she should eat eggs, or waffles, or fresh fruit to start her day. She’s en route to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios where she and 400 of her senior classmates will spend part of their Spring Break enjoying the theme parks in the Orlando area.

Dad’s a few states away this morning (in Dayton, Tenn. to be exact,) and he’s listening to 400 other people who have a slate of options in front of them, as well. That’s how Chickamauga Lake appears to be setting up for the Bass Pro Shops Southern Open #2 which kicked off at daylight this morning.

For these anglers, it’s like one giant bass buffet.

Want to try some shallow water fishing? You’re sure to find some that are on the back end of the spawn and are hanging around shorelines.

Want to sample some offshore stuff, and dive deep for lunkers swimming along the bottom of this fishery? You can bet big bass are going to be caught that way during this three-day tournament.

And the number of bass transitioning from shallow to deep water as the weather warms here in eastern Tennessee could be the entrée to satisfy the appetites of these 200 anglers and their respective co-anglers. It’s almost certain a bunch of bass are going to be caught moving to offshore waters.

Seems like there will be no limit to the ways to catch fish this week. One quick glance at the rods mounted on just about every boat deck I’ve seen told me I all I need to know. These guys are going to try a little bit of everything. And the feast starts today.

I hope they’re hungry, because to a person, everyone I’ve spoken with has said this 38,000-acre impoundment of the Tennessee River (‘The Chick’, as some call it,) is absolutely on fire.

Big bass? We got ‘em!

Expect some truly magnificent catches, and if you can’t be here in person, you can catch the action yourselves on when today’s weigh-in begins at 2:45 p.m.