The frustrations of weather

If you are a tournament bass fisherman there are two things that equally frustrate you on a regular basis.

First is the nature of bass. Why they bite one day and not the next. Or they come and go with no warning.

Second is the forecast of a weatherman.

I’m driving to Cape Vincent where the lake meets the river. The trees that line the road are barely moving. The flags on poles sit still.

The forecast said something like 10 to 20 mile per hour winds with big gusts. There’s nothing like that happening at the moment.

I’m glad for that. Although I believe that wind will eventually show up. I fear the calmness of the morning might change some minds. That could be a good thing. Could be a bad thing.

Of our 10, eight of them qualified today in the lake. A quick poll of those revealed half deciding to stay in the river.

Flags laying on flagpoles could change some minds.

However it plays out. The forecast, accurate or not, has had an impact on this event so far. Hope it doesn’t keep playing a part.

A good case in point on the frustrations of weather: flags are laying down in Clayton but at Cape Vincent, they are standing straight out.

It’s still not gassing like the forecast said it would. But it’s bumpy enough to keep some from going, knowing or expecting it to get worse by the end of the day.

The anglers take off in 15 minutes. I can see some of them talking themselves into making the trip, expecting one thing, only to be surprised to find a completely different place once they get here.