Foutz vs. Sweitzer

The second half matchup between Jacob Foutz of Bryan College and Chad Sweitzer of Chico State is looking like it's going to come down to one fish.

Neither angler has registered a cull with less than an hour to go in the second half. Sweitzer is looking for that big bite shallow and can't help but know his time is running down. Beginning the second half behind and not making a cull to this point sets the stage for the obvious.

Foutz on the other hand started with a mere pound and change lead. Not knowing what Sweitzer's done and knowing Foutz himself hasn't made a cull has got to be making him think he could be down.

As a Minnesota bass fishing native I promise one thing, BIG largemouth get snatched up under boat docks all year round. At the same time, going with the safe 3 pound school of smallmouth  is a decision we need to make every tournament we fish up north. The boys are in for a true test, Minnesota style!