Fourth quarter wrap-up

Andy Crawford, my on-the-water connection, just returned to process his photo gallery. 

What we both observed is this takeaway. There are guys searching for the textbook, roaming schools of baitfish that are common here during fall. The pattern is setting up on an ambush point where the bass can feed on the bait when it passes nearby. It's part waiting game, part game on. Leaving the spot during idle activity is not an option, because you never know when the bait might arrive. 

Championship Saturday might be a different story. Should the sun come out, the video game fishing might warm up. Here, the bass reposition on the shady sides of rocky cover, be that a ledge, individual rock, or a point, using it all as an ambush point. 

No word on what came down, if it did at all, with the Holston River crowd exclusively targeting largemouth. 

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