Fourth place finding fish

Cameron Smith, the 4th place angler after Day 1, caught 16-1 and was just 9 ounces from the top spot. His Friday has started off on a decent note with three keepers, two of which were above average for most of the field this week. His biggest bite of the morning never made it in the boat unfortunately as it was a subtle fight and he didn't realize the size of the fish until it was time to boat flip the fish.

As he lifted his rod the fish came unbuttoned and his bait shot over his head and into the air.

"Man, that looked to be a 4 pounder," Smith said.

"It was all of that size at least," co-angler Francis Martin replied.

Moments later he landed his third fish, which he took his time with and landed at the driver seat. Good bites separate an average bag from a Top 5 catch this week so the next time Smith hooks up with one like that he will need to capitalize on it.

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