Fishing slower than expected

For Drew Cook, the morning period has been by far his best time, but today that wasn’t the case. He said he surprisingly didn’t get a bite on his topwater and opted for his backup plan. He was fishing south of takeoff in hopes of getting 10-12 pounds before he ran around looking for a big bite.

Getting that early limit definitely would’ve helped him, but he says he has two fish for about four pounds at the moment. He hooked up with a third around a dock, but after a tug of war and an attempt to get it unhung, the fish broke him off.

“I shook one off on this dock yesterday, it was probably that fish,” Cook said.

He’s doing well in both Opens divisions as we head into the final event for each season. He sits 20th in the Centrals and next week he will compete on Douglas for the Eastern Open where he sits 8th in points. That’s two chances to make the Top 10 and go to the Open Championship next month.

It’s worth noting that Cook is an alumnus if Florida State University and was a mainstay of the Carhartt Bassmaster College Series during his time there. He fished during the same time frame as Jordan and Matt Lee and also the ensuing years, which is where I met him traveling as well.