Fishing for Monday

After taking the BASSTrakk lead, Steve Kennedy said it best when he put a 2-pounder in the livewell.

"I'm fishing for a limit of those because it'll get me to Monday."

Remember last year? A measly 2-pounder was scorned by the anglers. This year? It gets the same value as a 6-pounder did here last year.

Other pros recognized the value of those 2 pounders this morning as I discussed the day's priorities with them.

Over and over I listened to them tell me it was all about catching a limit, nothing more. That makes a lot of sense considering what might happen tomorrow. It'll be the best day of fishing of the week.

The reason why is the warm up trend. On Saturday the high temperature reached a balmy (for this week) 63 degrees. Today, it'll hit 70 degrees and tomorrow the temperature will soar to 80 degrees.

And above all else, the anglers are now fishing on the backside of the full moon. The fish are on the move, and at least today, it could be all about catching the male bass as the females follow them.

So for sure, priorities have changed. Kennedy is proving it and so are others on the leaderboard. No, there are not any big movers up the scoreboard, but what matters the most is just getting a decent limit. Doing so will get you inside the Top 20 for Championship Monday. And of course, all it will take is anyone catching a 6-pounder to fish tomorrow. What a difference a year makes, but that's fishing.