Final day is here

Championship Saturday at Douglas Lake is off and running. The Top 12 pros and co's from this event survived and are competing for a win today.

The Top 5 are within 6 pounds of Ott DeFoe, but after that is a much bigger margin. 6th place Toshinari Namiki is a massive 9 pounds, 7 ounces off the pace. Crazier things have happened in the sport of bass fishing, but it seems as if the Top 5 are the only anglers with a realistic shot to win. That is all contingent if DeFoe let's off the gas pedal. He has put together two bags this week and both were 17-5.

His nearest pursuer in the standings and on the water is Drew Benton. They are the only two anglers with aluminum boats in the Top 12. Most everyone else has ran as far as they can in the river without running aground. A few chose to fish the lake and go south of takeoff.

We always say that anyone can win as long as they are within the big fish weight of the tournament. The Top 5 of DeFoe, Benton, Hunter Shryock, David Williams and Brian Latimer are exactly within 5-11 so that old adage may ring true today.