Final day on Chick

In a wild twist and turn of events, leader John Cox and 2nd place Hunter Shryock started in the same spot today.

Both anglers are great sight fishermen and have been doing that better than anyone this week. Shryock was the Day 1 leader with 25-7 and Cox was in 5th. After Cox busted 25-7 on Day 2, he took a 3 1/2-pound lead into the final period of this tournament.

It's hard to manage sight fish when you're the only angler pressuring them, but having two of the best Opens sight fishermen sharing an area to start isn't ideal.

I was in this area on Friday when I found Shryock, but Cox had a few sight fish found as well because he just pulled up to a bed and hooked up with a good one to start. He landed one that looked to be between 3 and 4 pounds.

Just moments into Day 3 and Cox unofficially balloons his lead to 7 pounds.