Feider's confidence is up... like the river

Dave Mercer just said that Seth Feider is fishing with an obvious air of confidence. That could be attributed to being at home, but as we've witnessed many times over as guys win tournaments, something special happens when they get on the right fish.

Seth is on good fish, and he is fishing well. He mentioned earlier the cloud cover seemed to be helping his bite. But as the sun came out, he still caught fish and assumed that the rising dirty water was becoming a factor to his advantage. 

"The water is supposed to continue to get dirtier, and that could really help my pattern," Feider said. "But smallmouths are known to be here today and gone tomorrow, so staying on the school can be a challenge. But I think the water conditions are setting up well for me."

Fieder is one 4-pounder from taking a commanding lead, but, he's in good position to remain in the hunt during Championship Sunday.