Feider: tracking the transition

Seth Feider, undeniably the most skilled smallmouth angler in the field, noted yesterday those fish still are in summer behavior mode.


During summer, and especially under cloudy skies, smallmouth tend to roam in open water lakes like Mille Lacs. They follow bait fish, find crawfish. Stay on the go. 

Yesterday Feider eluded to having made a discovery. The smallmouth might be moving toward the fall transition. It's all about positioning when targeting offshore fish on the many shoals and other submerged high ground. They concentrate either on the shallow or steep side of the contour line. 

On the "Guntersville of smallmouth," as Seider called it, presentations will need to be more precise as the fish school up tighter to cover. That could especially prove true on Sunday. The forecast calls for sunny skies. 

First, about today. The wind is calm, at least for now. That will be a huge deal. Boat control will be much easier as opposed to the rock-and-roll pitch of boat control on Day 1. More control means more precise presentations. 

And now this ... Seider just tossed back a 3 1/2 pounder--with no fish in the livewell. 

"You can't win this tournament on three pounders," he said. 

Moments later he put a 4 3/4-pounder into the livewell. 

Yep, it's all about tracking the transition.