Feider with a limit and upgrading

Much like the previous three days, Seth Feider started his day north of Union Springs. He caught an 11- to 13-pound limit, and then runs about 20 minutes south to more isolated patches of grass that hasn’t received as much pressure. It’s here he’ll likely finish his day working on bigger fish to cull up with.

A rough estimate might conclude that he needs 22 pounds today to have a shot at winning. And even that depends on the derby leaders falling a little bit.

An unlikely circumstance, but absolutely possible. On both days 1 and 2, he caught 21 and some change, and if the conditions get better—meaning more sun and warmth and fewer clouds—he’s confident he can catch 20 or more.

So far it’s stayed cooler and the clouds have yet to burn off. 

Today’s Top 10 anglers are presenting one of the most exciting Championship Sundays in recent memory. While Seth would surely prefer it be him, any of the Top 10 would make for an awesome story. 

We’ll probably stay with him for another hour before moving on, but from what I’ve seen with the Minnesota angler this week, he’s executing his plan to perfection. 

Whether or not it’s the winning pattern, we’ve yet to find out.

Could be.