Feider gets encouraging signs

You heard some wavering in Seth Feider's game plan at Friday's weigh-in. On the one hand, he only landed five bass yesterday. On the other hand, he lost two good ones and he still weighed 15-1 for a fourth place two-day total of 33-11. Feider has mentioned since Day 1 the possibility of bailing out on his deep smallmouth pattern if it begins to fail.

However, two 3-pounders in the boat this morning will certainly make Feider stick to his knitting for awhile.

"The fish are still there," Feider said yesterday. "I didn't get as many bites today, maybe half as many. It's tapering down pretty bad. I don't know if I can catch five tomorrow. It may be smallmouth in the morning and largemouth in the afternoon.

"I caught five fish all day and weighed 15 pounds. That's not culling up. Every bite I get out there is a nice fish – all 2 1/2 to 4 pounds."

That's no longer true. Feider just caught his first non-keeper smallmouth from his area. It measured 14 1/2 inches. But with two good ones in the livewell, he's more encouraged than discouraged this morning.