Feider back in this thing

What's up with Seth Feider? Things definitely started out slower for him today, but he just boated his fifth fish of the day, and culled up again by two pounds. He's on top of the field 

He had the biggest bag of the tournament yesterday making his first win a possibility. But the conditions are vastly different. Yesterday we endured an early strong line of thunderstorms, which turned into a nasty day-long soaker. 

Most smallmouth fishermen agree that smallies love sun, and the bite is best when it's bright. The reason is smallmouth bass like to see their food before attacking -- but that's not necessarily a hard and fast rule. 

"If it gets sunny, I could be in trouble," Feider commented. 
On Thursday, Feider proved that to only be a theory. He fished through the storm and boated some big smallies, which contributed to his 19-plus-pound bag of bass. 

Today is post frontal with a stout northwesterly wind and 15 to 20 degrees cooler. But, river fish aren't as affected by the weather as a lake fish is. 

Feider is sticking to his guns and with that last fish, he's keeping the dream alive to fish the AOY championship on Minnesota's famed Mille Lacs, where Feider could dominate again. 

But now, he's vying for the win at La Crosse.