Falcon, Lady Bears and a Twitter chat

First and foremost, I’d like to say happy Easter to everyone. They call today Good Friday. Although 2,000 years ago it turned out good, it wasn’t at the time. Jesus Christ suffered and died for all of us, and now today is a day that has a lot of significance for all Christians. Of course, it ends with Easter and the Resurrection. So please enjoy celebrating it with family and friends, and keep in mind the true significance of what Easter means. That’s what the Jones clan will be doing this weekend as we go out to Coleman, Texas, to spend Easter weekend to spend with Jimmye Sue’s family.

Last week, Jimmye Sue and I took a vacation – just the two of us. We went to Denver for the NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament, and we got to see our Baylor Lady Bears win the title! I bought the tickets way before the tournament started, so I’m glad I didn’t have to watch another team win the championship! We had a great time out there, just the two of us, and we want to give a hearty congratulation to the Lady Bears. What a season, too, they had an undefeated 40-0 season, and they didn’t lose a single starter this year, so if they stay healthy we could see 80-0!

It snowed while we were there, and I was worried that I would go through the entire winter season and not see a single snow flake. For a guy who used to snow ski 20 days a year, that’s a tough proposition.

This coming week I’ll be finishing my preparation for the upcoming Bull Shoals Elite Series event, and prep for that is a little more in-depth from the average tournament because I’m coming off the Florida stretch. I’m going to have to take a bunch of soft plastics out of the boat and put in more “normal” stuff like crankbaits, topwater and jerkbaits. Why? There’s a better chance that moving baits will work at a place like Bull Shoals. It’ll require a wider variety of stuff. But, once I get that stuff in the boat, it’ll be basically what I’ll be using for the rest of the yea. Preparation after that won’t be quite as in-depth. Now, though, I’m ready to get back on the road. I’m getting eager to get back on the water. I guess you could call it a mild case of cabin fever.

Something else that I’m working on is planning my next trip to Lake Falcon. It looks like I’ll be able to get there after the Douglas Lake tournament in May. My favorite months for fishing on Falcon are May and June because that’s when you get the biggest numbers of fish. You can expect 100 fish or more each day in that time frame, and the best pattern is whatever you like to do the most. If a place looks good, it will be good.

Next Friday at noon, I’ll be part of a Twitter chat with B.A.S.S. using hashtag #BASSchat. You can follow along whether you have a Twitter account or not at http://tweetchat.com/room/basschat. Please join in and ask me anything, I love to talk fishin’!

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