Everything's right for Davis

Mark Davis had the stars lining up for a victory. He's been fishing a submerged roadbed each morning all week. During regular water levels, the road is dry and his spot is inaccessible.

He's fished it again all morning, then the bite slowed down and he backed off for half an hour or so to let it rest.

Where he's at now stays wet like a slough, and the bass and other fish species spawn and exist back there all the time. It almost acts as rearing pond.

Then, once every 5 to 7 years it floods and those fish can escape and literally restock the area. When the water is rising the bass get pushed back into the slough. But when it begins to drop, the bass pull out and position on the roadbed.

The water is pulling out of here now at a noticeable rate, which should mean we're about to see a show.

Don't know for sure what he's going to do, but everything is right for a final day clinic from Davis.

Stay tuned.