Evers elated to be defending Classic crown

As reigning Classic champ, Edwin Evers was the second boat to blast off Wednesday for the final day of practice. He’s had an incredible year and can’t wait to begin defending the title.

“It’s ultimate. Everybody who’s here would want to be in my shoes,” Evers said. “I’ve pretty excited about it. It’s been a decent practice and got one more day to put some final notes on a few things.”

The main mission of the day is to try to eliminate a few more things, and possible find some others, which he said is a good scenario.

“Either I can eliminate it or add it to the arsenal. I’m going to hit it hard,” he said. “I’m not just going out there goofing off. There’s some lakes you got it all figured out, but this thing’s changing so fast, I’m looking hard today.”

While he won’t go to the spot he has planned to start on Day 1 of competition, he said it’s possible he could find something better to make him alter those plans.

Talk among the 52 competitors is that the leaderboard will experience wild swings from day to day. The trick will be consistency.

“It’s a great fishery, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of fish in any one place,” he said. “You’re going to have to cover a lot of water. I might be fishing stuff where I didn’t have a bite in practice. Who knows? It’s going to be interesting.”

He does expect big bags in the 25- to 28-pound range, but Evers doesn’t see anyone breaking Paul Mueller’s one-day record of 32-3 or Kevin VanDam’s three-day record total of 69-11.

“Oh, it’d have to be perfect,” he said for either of those. “If we were here a couple weeks ago, yeah. I don’t know about right now.”