Enormity of Hackney's Big Bag

Greg Hackney, 1st, 16-3

Greg Hackney's big bag on Day 1 was important not only in this event, but historically on the Sabine River. This is the third Elite Series event on the Sabine and there are different factors this time around. The first two trips were in March, which is when the fish are the fattest and healthiest they probably will be all year. Also, in years past both Louisiana and Texas waters were in play. In 2018, it's exclusively Texas. His 16-3 ranks high up in the scheme of Big Bags on this fishery.

1. Todd Faircloth (16-8, 2013)
2. Greg Hackney (16-3, 2018)
T-3. Dean Rojas (15-10, 2013)
T-3. Chris Lane (15-10, 2015)
T-3. John Crews (15-10, 2015)
6. Terry Scroggins (15-2, 2015)

There have only been six bags over 15 pounds in the three trips we've had here thus far. We will see if any other bags over the next three days will join Hackney at the top of the Sabine spectrum.

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