On 'em!

Matt Robertson is literally living what is inscribed on his cap. The "On 'Em" angler has a limit that includes a 4-pound smallmouth. 

"Don't tell anybody I'm using a spinning reel," he told Andy Crawford. "My buddies back home would take away my man card." 

Robertson, of western Kentucky, is also using a Ned rig, a big violation of his man card. He should get a pass from his buds, considering the locally-born Ned rig is proven here as a legit fish catcher. 

What he is also doing, against his own rules, is video game fishing, with a twist. Rather than seek isolated rocks used by bass as ambush points, he is watching his screen for baitfish activity.

"It's a random deal, and the bass are here, but they won't bite until the bait comes around," he said. "When the bass move in they feed like sharks, then leave."

Andy said Robertson is rotating back and forth along a 60-foot stretch to catch his mixed bag of largemouth and smallmouth. 

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